Arch Angel: A Four Part Series on the Perfect Eyebrow

20130128_141118-1A nice, pretty brow is all about balance. It’s a lot easier to get that perfect brow than you think, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines.

Starting Point The rule of thumb is to think about starting your brows at the inner corner of your eye. However, eye-set can change where the starting point should be. Take a ruler, an eyebrow pencil or any straight edge and line it up with the base of the nose along the nostril up to the inner corner of your eye. If the inner corner of the eye is inside of the ruler, then you have close-set eyes. If the inner corner of the eye lines up with the ruler, you have well-set eyes, and if the inner corner is outside the ruler then you have wide-set eyes.

If you have well-set eyes, you can comfortably start your brows at the inner corner. If you have close-set eyes, you might want to start your brows outside the inner corners. Don’t go too wide! I’m talking about a few hairs at most. Sometimes you can make your nose appear wider than it is. Also, if you have close-set eyes and narrow lips, you don’t want to go too far. You always want to maintain balance. Wide-set eyes, you can start inside the corner of the eye, closer to the bridge of the nose.

Remember, these are just guidelines. Like I said a gazillion times, it’s about maintaining balance.

Questions? Comments? Please, ask away!

Waxing: It’s a Sticky Situation But We’re Here To Help

Whether you’re a waxing virgin, it’s been a while and you’ve got an 80s bush, or you’re a waxing pro – we’ve got some do’s and dont’s for ya.

DO take a warm shower before your wax. Not only will that open up the pores and make the hair easier to remove (read: less painful), but you want to be kind to your wax tech. ‘Specially if shes giving you a brazilian. You don’t wanna piss her off when she has your “life” in her hands.

DO exfoliate pre-waxing! It’s all about exfoliation if you want to prevent yucky (and painful) ingrown hairs. Grab a loofa and something gritty and get down to business! We like Lush Sugar Scrub ($6.25). Do this once a day and you’ll never see a pesky ingrown. But…

DON’T exfoliate 24 hours after you get waxed. And now that we think about it…

DO skip the jacuzzi and extra hot showers immediately after waxing. Also, skip the post wax workout and the tanning sesh. You’re already a little tender, let’s not push it, eh?

DO let your wax technician know about any medications you are taking. Acutane, Retin-A, etc will affect your waxing experience. As in, you want to keep your skin. Lose the hair, but keep your skin. Not telling your waxing tech about medications pretty much guarantees bad results. Plus – owie!

DO let your hair get onto the same growth cycle. Come in every 4 to 6 weeks and try not to tweeze in between. Patience my dear, and you shall be rewarded with an easier and thorough hair removal.

DON’T feel embarrassed about your hair, your body size, scars etc. We’ve seen it all, sister! Trust your technician and she will go to great lengths to take care of you!