Four Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Skin

Our skin takes a lot of abuse. Dry, cold weather makes wrinkles more noticeable and our skin dehydrated and old looking. Ew. Fear not! I have four awesome and natural remedies that may not cure what ails us but sure as heck will make your skin feel brand new.


A shower filter. This one has a filter built into the handheld. It’s the one I use. Really, this is almost enough to completely change the way your skin and hair feels. Hard water sucks! It makes us dry and ashy. Literally, this is the easiest way to reduce exposure to chlorine, not to mention reducing the risk of asthma from inhaling chlorine. Your skin will be softer and younger looking. Your body hair becomes better able to retain natural oils so you need less lotion and moisturizer! Yay!


Dry brushing. You will want to spend about 5 minutes a day dry brushing your dry, naked, pre-shower body. Make sure you get a brush with a long handle and natural bristles as synthetic ones can damage your skin. Dry brushing stimulates the skin but should not hurt. It will shed dead skin cells and increase circulation which will improve the look and texture of the skin. It can help tighten the skin which will minimize the appearance of cellulite. Obviously don’t brush over rashes, infections or other skin irritations.


Humidifier. The benefits of a humidifier are numerous. It helps with dry skin, dry throats and noses. That means less sinus infections and colds. It helps to keep skin moisturized and soothes dry and itchy skin.


Tea tree oil. Where to even begin with tea tree oil? Excellent for acne – just as effective as benzoyl peroxide without nasty side effects. It doesn’t dry out the skin the way benzoyl peroxide does. It is great for dandruff. But for God’s sake, don’t eat it. Its toxic.

What do you do for your skin?

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