My Love Affair With a Leave In Conditioner


The Healthy Sexy Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner has become one of my very favorite hair products. This was love at first sight. My hair sucks up conditioner like a thirsty dog. I literally can’t comb through my hair after I shower unless there is some heavy-duty conditioning action going on. That’s why I freaking love this leave in conditioner! Just a few spritzy sprays and bam! smooth and a cinch to brush through. It’s a miracle detangler!

Healthy Sexy Hair products are based on soy protein. So what? So it means Superwoman strength and tons of moisture for shiny and healthy (and sexy!) hair. It also helps with annoying static electricity. The smell ain’t too shabby either. I think it smells like kumquats or something. The smell doesn’t last but the softness does.

Have you tried any Healthy Sexy Hair products? What about leave in conditioner? Do you have a favorite?

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